Starting the new semester with power, motivation – and maybe with a bag of money

Christmas holidays – a relaxing and reflective time – are over and we all have to continue our daily life. But are you ready yet? I guess, a lot of us are still looking for their motivation. But how can you find it? What type are you? Do you need some lovely moments to be motivated or does it come back with time? I can tell you my tricks about getting back on my daily life with power and motivation.

Of course at the beginning of my holidays I do nothing at all I just relax on my couch or hang out with my friends. We live in a very fast world where the time is running and therefore a little break doesn’t harm the biggest workaholic. But keep in mind if you do nothing for too long the start after the holidays is very hard and annoying. I speak from my own experience. Thus I was searching for little jobs at home, like repairing odds and ends or cleaning the apartment. Well, that isn’t much fun and no comparable activity like hanging out on the couch and watch TV or playing video games. However while house cleaning I had the idea what to do with my free time. I recognized a lot of old stuff that I haven’t used for years and thought of selling them. But I didn’t want to go to a garage sale so I searched on the Internet and of course I found some buyback sites. So I started to sort all my used stuff I didn’t need any longer and sold it online. And then I had a flash of insight. I finally had a solution what to do with my old textbooks I’ve needed in the last semesters but the next time no more. They once were very expensive and as a student you are not very liquid. It feels like you have a bag of money after selling those expensive textbooks. Although it clears my conscience because of the “green factor”. Selling or buying used is a relief for the environment what really is important these days. So I kill two birds with one stone and have a bag of money at the beginning of the semester. What more do you want? I was really happy and with happiness there is motivation to achieve something. Whenever I have so much time that I don’t know what to do with myself I sort out my old stuff and sell it. Call me crazy but this can make you feel better.
So this is my tip for you how have a nice start and furthermore earn some money what you can really need at the beginning of a semester. I hope this was inspiring and you see the potential of selling used stuff you don’t need any more and only takes space. To this end, start getting rid of your old things!