Where can you buy used Video games for the lowest prices?

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Bonavendi compares with a simple click the prices of different reliable online buyback portals. So you can easily buy the most convenient game online.

Buy the video games for a fixed price. No complicated auction, no waiting period - just compare the prices and get the low priced game.

It's that simple

1. Enter items

Take the items you want to sell and enter them into the search field in the upper part of the website. If you are interested in the sale you put the item into your selling cart.

If you want to sell several items use the bulk compare or our Barcode Scanner App.

2. Identify best vendors

Bonavendi determines the best vendors, paying you the highest prices for your entire selling cart.

That's how you can easily yield 100%+ over the average offers.

3. Sell items to vendors

You are forwarded to the vendors' websites where you can actually sell your items.

The Bonavendi Sidebar shows all items to sell at the respective vendor, speeding up the sale process.

4. Send items, get cash

You send your items to the vendors and get your cash right away.

Some vendors even offer a pick-up service for your items.

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