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Columbia /kəˈlʌmbiə/ is a city of 113,225 people in Missouri, a state of the American Midwest. Founded in 1818 as the county seat of Boone County and home to the University of Missouri, it is the principal municipality of the Columbia Metropolitan Area, the fourth most populous urban area in Missouri. A college town, the city has a reputation for progressive politics, powerful journalism, and public art. The tripartite establishment of Stephens College (1833), \"Mizzou\" (1839), and Columbia College (1851), has long made the city a center of education, culture, and athletic competition. These three schools surround Downtown Columbia on the east, south, and north; at its center is the Avenue of the Columns, which connects Francis Quadrangle and Jesse Hall to the Boone County Courthouse and City Hall. Originally agricultural, the cultivation of the mind is modern Columbia's chief economic concern. Never a major center of manufacturing, it also depends on healthcare, insurance, and technology businesses. Several companies—Shelter Insurance, MBS Textbook Exchange and MidwayUSA, among them—are located in the city. Cultural institutions include the State Historical Society of Missouri, the Museum of Art and Archaeology, and the annual True/False Film Festival. The Missouri Tigers, the state's only major NCAA Division I program, play football at Faurot Field and basketball at Mizzou Arena as members of the Southeastern Conference.*

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*Source: Wikipedia

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