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Compare EagleSaver buyback prices

Only Bonavendi compares the buyback prices of more than 20 different websites. You will definetely find the best deals. Is EagleSaver the best buyback website for you? Bonavendi is going to tell you.

Try it! Compare prices, send your items and get instant cash.

Can I compare prices from EagleSaver on Bonavendi? Yes, the prices from EagleSaver appear directly in the search results.

EagleSaver buys the following products:

  • DVDs
  • Books
  • CDs
  • Video games
Conditions: The order value of items must be $10.00 or greater and the minimum average value per an item shipped must be $0.50 or greater. Vendor pays shipping, tracking #, and postage.
Vouchers and promotions:

Currently, EagleSaver does not offer any vouchers. As soon as EagleSaver issues new vouchers, you will see it here on Bonavendi.


The EagleSaver buyback service offers the following payout options:

  • Check
  • Paypal

EagleSaver ratings and feedback comments

Still waiting on sale

na is so easy to use!!

EagleSaver lived up to their purchase promises. I wish they would drop their $1/item average requirement, though.

Easy, clear process; fair prices.

EagleSaver & Bonavendi were incredibly easy to use! I highly recommend!

After learning how to load the cart the process is pretty easy and quick.

Easy to use!

Very easy process. Easy way to clean up the movie closet.

Quick and easy.

Smooth transaction and quick payment

They bought my stuff.

They bought my stuff.

Got about what I was expecting. Easy to deal with.

Easy process. Quick payment. Paid higher prices than I was able to find elsewhere.

Communication was great. They were polite when telling me some of my items were not up to their standards. Quick in sending payment. Expecting the unaccepted items returned shortly.

Went great & fast, I did however get a good portion of CD's rejected, it appears they have pretty high standards for used CD's so FYI you might be better off with Second Spin.

Thank you!

It was super easy to use EagleSaver. The transfer from Bonavendi to EagleSaver worked very smoothly and I loved that EagleSaver paid up front for the shipping. I would do this again in a heartbeat!

They issue a prepaid shipping label with fast processing and payment via Paypal.

My order was checked in super fast. I received email notification when product was received. Payment was made within 24 hours and I received an email notification for that as well. Lightening fast service. Will definitely do business with them again.

Love this vender! Received my merchandise and paid all within a week!

Very fast processing and payment!

Very fast processing and payment!

Very fast processing and payment!

It's that simple

1. Enter items

Take the items you want to sell and enter them into the search field in the upper part of the website. If you are interested in the sale you put the item into your selling cart.

If you want to sell several items use the bulk compare or our Barcode Scanner App.

2. Identify best buyers

In the shopping cart view, you can see the best buyers, paying you the highest prices for your entire selling cart.

That's how you can easily yield 100%+ over the average offers.

3. Sell items to vendors

We guide you through the process of selling your items to the buyers.

Few days after having shipped the items, you will receive your money from the buyer.

Compare prices before selling to EagleSaver pays off

Only Bonavendi can tell you whether you get the best deals at EagleSaver . We compare prices of more than 20 different buyback websites like "PartnerName", "PartnerName" and more. You wonder whether "PartnerName" pays the best price for your used stuff? Find out. Simply enter your items into the Bonavendi search field and we will find the best deals for you. Pick the best deal that Bonavendi offers, then get cash and make easy money. Your benefits are obvious. You sell at fixed prices - no time wasting with complicated online auctions, you simply sell all your used items all together. Most of the buyback websites even offer free shipping service. You save money and time compared to yard sales, flea markets and online auction websites. Use the free Bonavendi price comparison and sell all your used stuff online. Nowhere else you can compare buyback prices smarter and easier.

Whether you are interested in special offers of EagleSaver or other buyback websites then Bonavendi is the right place to get them! The price comparison is a smart way to make easy money.

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