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More About USA Suits:

In Season 1 of Suits we meet a character named Mike Ross. Ross is a college dropout with lots of untapped talent and potential, however despite his intelligence he has his share of vices he has to deal with as well. After a drug deal that went bad Mike drops out of college and ends up by chance in an interview with arguably New York City's best lawyer and deal closer, Harvey Specter. Harvey has is used to the usual mold of law school graduates and instead decides to give Mike Ross a shot on a speck of intuition. It turns out that Harvey's gamble tends to pay off because Mike has an astonishing memory and raw talent for the legal field. This dynamic duo face a crazy aray of onslots in Suits Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6 showing that they make a great team. Despite Mike being such a natural, he still has quite a bit to learn when it comes to the legal system. While Harvey is a down right killer in the court room, he needs to understand and reconnect with Mike's empathy for the cases like he once did when he first started out in law school. It truly is a truly thrilling show and it is no wonder why it is so successful. Give others the opportunity to enjoy the experience that is USA's Suits on demand by selling your old Suits DVD sets. Two Lawyers. One Degree. Get your Suits for the best price now!

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