The Bonavendi Mission

Buying and selling used items - fast, easy and for the best price.

Our objective

"No single book, no movie, no CD, and no electronic device should have to end up on the scrapyard."

The United States has an affluent society in many ways. Within American households there are billions of books, movies, CDs, and electronic devices such as cell phones or tablets, collecting dust on the shelfes. And still, it is getting more every year. Eventually, the items are thrown into the garbage, even though they are still perfectly usable.

Here at Bonavendi, it is our mission to fight this throw-away mentality. We strongly believe in a smarter and more sustainable form of consumption called "Recommerce". Recommerce is a particular easy way of buying and selling used items on the internet. Recommerce leads to a reasonable reuse cycle for well-preserved used items. As part of this cycle, the same book can be read sequentially by ten different owners without needing to print 10 individual books.

Recommerce does not only help to protect the environment, but also has a social dimension. Recommerce items, such as cell phones, tablets or books, are significantly cheaper than brand-new products. This way, also low income households can benefit from these products and are not pushed to the edge of society.

We want to make selling and buying used items on the recommerce market as easy, fast and profitable as possible. Therefore, we compare and systemize the offers from a multitude of different recommerce vendors.

That way, our users and we are on a joint track to follow our mission: no single book, no movie, no CD, and no electronic device should have to end up in the scrapyard. And with each step towards this direction, we are all making an important contribution to protect our environment.