Re-commerce in numbers



Since you follow our blog you definitely already know what re-commerce is. We created a small infographic for you to hightlight some interesting facts on re-commerce.

You will be surprised how large the market for used things actually is.

As you can see right on top of the infographic the market for used things is huge: even taking into account that we only looked at CDs, DVDs, books and video games the market has a size of at least 4 billion dollars! This number is based on conservative assumptions since we set estimated the resale price for items older than 2 years at only 10% of the original value. Being aware of the potential of recommerce, you should, whenever you want to buy something new, consider something used instead. Most things people sell again are in absolutely mint condition, especially DVDs and games usually look like new when they are sold again. This happens because most people tend to not watch the same movie regularly or play games again after having finished it once.
Even though there are digital trends like streaming of movies and music and digital copies of games still lots of people like the haptic feel of physical things. Therefore, the market for physical copies still accounts for about one third of the whole market for media. One key advantage of physical copies compared to digital ones is, that selling them is not only very easy but also plainly feasible. Another thing that many people underestimate is costs of not only hobbies but also for example studies. If you are a student and want to go through college a lot cheaper definitely consider buying books that are used. This has not only the perk of getting things cheap, most textbooks that are a not completely new only cost a few bucks, but also many students write notes into their books. Those notes can be very helpful hints and tricks that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.
Overall recommerce is still a relatively young market niche compared to very established retailers like amazon but there is no reason to not benefit from it. The one most important thing when buying or selling used is comparing prices, since those differ for used things even more than for new stuff.