Textbooks – Buy low, sell high

It is probably not hard to understand that most of the students realize they need to buy textbooks just before the start of the semester . It is a fact. Most of the students just do not care about studying while enjoying holidays. But they also do not think ahead. Nobody thinks about the next semester while preparing for the current exams. The result of it is simply that the demand for textbooks goes up like a rocket for a few weeks in a year.

Rising demand – rising prices. That is good for anyone who sells, but unfortunately very costly for anyone who wants to buy. Research undertaken by Datawin Consulting shows that prices of textbooks rise up in the beginning of a semester and are extremely low during summer. Mainly in June and July every year. This is the time when the biggest concern of a student is how many sunny days he can enjoy this year. You need to compensate for all the times you’ve been studying and working hard. Normal students don’t care about buying used textbooks. But they should!

Prices for the same textbook can vary from 22.99$ in summer to 299.57$ in the beginning of a semester due to Datawin Consulting. That’s a whole lot of money! Just think about it for a second. Therefore you should find out which textbooks you need for next semster in advance and buy them in summer. After finishing classes you shouldn’t sell your textbooks right afterwards but wait until the semester starts again and sell at a much higher price!

Isn’t that great? You buy cheap textbooks, use them and sell at a higher price. On avarage students get 2 dollars back for every dollar they put in. If that happened more than a few times a year trading textbooks would be a great business. Anyway this strategy will help you to make profits while other students lose money on textbooks.