Top 8 Ways to Keep Your Used Items in the Best Condition

We all know too well how much we care about new products like a textbooks or a video games, we have bought recently. You don’t want your new stuff to get damaged and therefore treat it like a raw egg. But believe me, you are perfectly right in watching it so well. If you want to sell it in the future you probably get more out of your old products when they are free of damage. The following is a list of the top 8 ways to keep your used stuff in the best condition.

  1. Keep your textbook away from any liquids – Make sure that if you use your textbook on your table there is no open bottle that could damage it. If you carry your book in your bag together with a drink check out that no liquid can run out.
  2. Be sure to waterproof your Backpack on rainy days – Another typical scenario why often especially books get damaged is that your backpack, and so your textbook, get wet by the rain what makes it difficult to sell it in the future.
  3. Avoid highlights in your textbook – Use a separate handbook to take notes or use Post-it notes but beware writing something in your book. Otherwise your sellback price reduces.
  4. Cover your books – In case you’ve got a hardback book cover it so it keeps the best condition. Also you can personalize your book with a funny cover and nobody will mix it up.
  5. Take CD out of console – If you’ve finished playing your video game take your CD out of your console. In case your console breaks down it will be difficult to rescue it.
  6. Use the jewel case – If you take your CD out of your console put it back in the jewel case don’t let it lie uncovered on your desk. Dust particle can scratch the CD and make it unusable.
  7. Transport bags – Make sure you have a laptop bag if you transport it. It not only protects your laptop and is practical to carry it also gives you the opportunity to store the charging cable and the mouse.

And last but not least important for selling your old stuff on the internet:

8. Use proper packaging – To be sure your used stuff will be delivered in the same condition as you sent it use a proper packaging and if you sell a valuable item use insured shipment.

I really hope these tips are useful for you so you can keep your items in the best condition to get the most profit out of it. If you want to add some other tips feel free to comment on this blog.