Why you should profit from your used things

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Have you ever wondered what to do with things that you don’t have any use for anymore? There is a really simple solution to it, just get rid of it. But of course there is more to it. You can also get money out of your old things and there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Here are 3 good reasons:

1.)    You get money to buy something new

Of course you might now think, “But I will never get out what I paid for my old games.” Simply put that is true for most things, but it is not a question of whether you get the same amount of money as you paid out of your old stuff, it is more about the value you can get for that money. You don’t even have to buy new stuff, because let’s be real here. The most things you could buy would land in a corner of your room sooner or later anyways. But here is the thing, sell enough of the used stuff you don’t need any more and gain something that you dreamed of for longer periods of time, be it a trip to Europe or just a night in a fancy restaurant with your significant other.

2.)    You get more space in your shelves

I am sure you see what I am up to here. The thing with books, games and DVDs is that after you get a certain amount of them you don’t know where to put them anymore. You can try to fit one thing here or another one there but that does never really solve the real problem, which is that you just have too much stuff. Keeping things you like is totally fine of course. Having a shelf with your most loved books or movies is fine too. But do you really need the one book that you read couple of years ago that you gladly forgot what it is even about? You can also see it as kind of an investment. If you enjoyed a book or learned something from it, keep it. If you never learned anything or profited of something try to at least get some money out of it and get something more useful.

3.)    You do something good for others

Think about it, if you get no value of something you own, why should no one else? Not only does it feel great to give, also some people will appreciate to get their hands on something lower priced even if it is not completely new. Be it the college student who needs textbooks or just the average guy trying to spend more nights with watching movies. It is basically a win situation for everyone. You get a penny out of those old Harry Potter books or movies you probably have already seen or read hundreds of times while someone who never had the privilege to read or see those will finally get a grasp on them. And remember, good things happen to people who do good.

After all it is not just a matter of getting money out of your stuff. It is a matter of value and maybe giving life to something old again. You wouldn’t believe what some tiny things might mean to some people that you never even thought about.