Check out those four hot new game releases in November

Have you checked out the recent released games in November yet? This month was overwhelming for real gamers. It seems like the games industry decided to start Christmas in November this year. We get you up to speed on the four latest releases:

1.   Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The whole row of bestselling game releases started with the publication of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare from Activision Blizzard. Everybody knows the shooter classic Call of Duty but the new version will just blow your mind! The game takes place in a frightening future where the single player must use cutting-edge weapons technology to face a large-scale terrorist attack. The game also includes a multiplayer-mode that promises to be a lot of fun!

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2.   Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Next big release of the month was one of Ubisoft’s blockbuster: Assassin’s Creed Unity!  Unity plays in the 18th century at the time of the French Revolution. The new version offers everything Assassin’s Creed gamers can dream of: great jumps on roof tops, possibility to enter buildings without time change, soundless murders and a great story to make the hero, Arno, a real Master Assassin. Another great challenge is to complete missions within a team of four players. So teamwork is a must in Unity.

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3.   Far Cry 4

This leads us to the next Ubisoft publication Far Cry 4. The 4th version of Far Cry is an open world first-person shooter video game. It plays in Kyrat, a dangerous and wild region in the mountains of Himalaya controlled by the despotic regime of a self-proclaimed king. The player is given a huge armory to survive in an open and exotic world, full of dangerous enemies and wild animals.

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4.   Grand Theft Auto V

After a long time of waiting, Rockstar Games finally released GTA V for the new generation of game consoles. GTA V plays in the virtual city of Los Santos, a town which looks a lot like Los Angeles. In the year 2004, Michael Townley & Trevor Philips robbed a bank together with two accomplices. On the escape the two accomplices got killed. Nine years later Michael and his family live together in Los Santos. As they take part in a witness protection program, Michael meets Franklin Clinton. Under a number of diverse conditions Michael, Franklin & Trevor get together to start a new mission. While playing you can switch the characters and complete missions in a connected mode.

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So what are your expectations for next year? What releases you are really looking forward to? You can’t wait any longer for the new Star Wars game?  If you’re craving for news about new release announcements, just check out our blog. We keep you updated!