Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are, celebrating Thanksgiving like every other year, coming together with our loved ones, our families or even with some close long term friends. Thanksgiving is a festivity of, oh surprise, thanking. But what are we actually thanking for?

Historically speaking Thanksgiving of course is there to thank god for what he has given us. All the blessings we received, the food he brought to the table and the wonder of life itself. It is a great day, for basically everyone around the country. But in the last few years, didn’t it lose some of its magic?

Thanksgiving became a more and more commercial feast, even tastier for economy than the turkey that you eat today. After meeting your family and loved ones a lot of people already think of what is happening the day after.

Black Friday happens – And that is basically the end of what should be a “silent and holy” time of the year. Instead of actually thanking and being grateful for what we have all we can think of is how much money we will spend the day after. More specifically we even think about how much money we will save, even though all of us together still spend more than 12 billion dollars. Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season and it is a pretty big indicator of how well our economy is.

However even though all that sounds pretty bad on the first sight, are we really the cash cow for economy? No we are not. Of course retailers want us to buy as much stuff as possible on Black Friday, but after all it is a win situation for both sides of a deal. We, the customers, get great articles for low prices, while the shops get lots of customers and thereby making up for discounts. But should you feel bad for forgetting about the real purpose of Thanksgiving? I actually don’t think so, because sure it is great to see your loved ones. Even more so it is important to at least once a year come together and just enjoy some simple time and learn why they are your special people every year again. But after all you shouldn’t let some of the best deals of the year slip through your fingers because of traditionalism and stubbornness. You can get used goods whenever you want, even with great discounts all over the year. It is just a matter of negotiation. But getting new stuff cheap surely never is a bad thing.

There is only one last thing you should always remember when shopping during holiday season. You will not always have your family around you all year, so spend some time with them. Shopping on the other hand is possible all year long.