Sharing economy – is it really as beneficial as it sounds? Especially for you?

Imagine a society where literally nothing belongs to you but still somehow you can have it all. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It might be a little annoying that your room is not really yours. Anyone who wants to spend a night in your town is probably going to demand to sleep on your couch. But who cares? You can have a ride in that fancy Porsche cabriolet of your neighbor whenever you want and chill in that luxurious pool of the blonde Hollywood actress, right? Well, this is what a grey haired future expert might tell you. Nonetheless something in your head will remind you to get down to earth. Life in the future will never be that easy.

Regardless of something that might sound crazy in recent years there’s a fast developing trend known as shareconomy or sharing economy. You can almost have anything you like. Well at least anything that’s offered. So if your iron is broken just browse the internet and find the right person to offer it. Fantastic, you don’t have to buy a new one. Oh but don’t forget to give that person your vacuum because his is broken. Anyway it’s a great deal, right? Maybe it might be not that much fun to carry your vacuum half a mile to the iron man. But at least you’re not losing a lot of time because afterwards you feel so exhausted that you can skip you fitness for this day.

If you got nothing to offer in exchange you might pay some money for the stuff you need. Hardly everything will be offered for free, if anything at all. If you sum up all the times you have to pay, it might be reasonable to own that particular item. In the end you will save more money. Another question is, how you can trust somebody you offer your stuff to. Of course you can evaluate that particular person online, but you will never find out if that mysterious stain on your pot is due to that ‘new way of cooking chicken’ he told you about.

Finally it is still better to be the owner of some things. You should be proud of your CD collections, DVD collection and a rich own library full of books. If you believe that you’re missing something in your collection, there will be somebody who’s offering that special edition CD from 2001 and will guarantee you the best price for that CD. Could also be that you just sorted out your used books and think that some of them you will never read again or simply prefer eBooks. Don’t rush, you can make a lot of money with your used books. Bonavendi will take care that you find the best deals on the web for your books.

There will always be people who are proud of their CD collection, DVD collection and books. It will be the story of their past. Collections that define them, remind them and delight them. And who knows maybe one day you take your children to your video games collection and tell them: ‘That was my passion in your age, you’re obviously spending too much time outside!